Corporate Recovery and Insolvency

CollinsGarcía provide a full suite of insolvency services and have significant practical experience in all facets of insolvency. We have been involved in a large number of cases in various capacities:-

  • Liquidations (Voluntary, High Court Appointed Official Liquidations and Provisional Liquidation appointments)
  • Receiverships
  • Examinerships and
  • Informal restructuring assignments.

Our results speak for themselves and are based on the foundations of how we approach assignments and the framework we employ as work progresses.

Some recent work we have undertaken includes:

  • Replacing a Liquidator who had taken an appointment of a Company as a Members nominee in a solvent liquidation when the Company was actually insolvent, investigating the affairs of the Company resulting in fraud allegations being made and litigation commencing and successfully concluding same to the satisfaction of the Companies creditors producing over €1 million euro in dividends to creditors.
  • Investigating as Liquidator the VAT position of a property Company, identifying irregularities of same and producing a substantial dividend for the Company’s creditors arising from litigation against the Company’s directors and a financial institution.
  • Investigating as Liquidator the affairs of a development Company and identifying VAT issues on development spanning a number of years and successfully obtaining a settlement from the Company’s owners’ personal funds of 100% of the VAT owed by the Company which stood in the region of half a million euro.
  • Investigating as Liquidator the affairs of a Company involved in the motor trade and identifying several million euro of unaccounted for turnover, almost €1 million euro’s worth of unaccounted for vehicles and circa €1 million euro in under declared VAT. CollinsGarcía successfully sought the disqualification of both the Company’s directors and obtained an Order from the High Court holding the principal director of the Company personally liable for certain company debts.
  • As Liquidator we successfully brought and settled High Court Proceedings against an Irish Bank for the return of Company funds paid over on foot of an Investment Bond which was alleged as having been improperly assigned.
  • As Liquidator we successfully brought and settled High Court Proceedings against a foreign Bank with and Irish Branch for the return of Company funds paid over to the bank without any commercial rational for same.

Our results arise from our approach.
Our approach is different.

Every assignment we undertake is based on:

  • Technical competence
  • Professional objectivity
  • Commercial acumen and pragmatism

Knowing what the above means and genuinely being able to rely upon it is what sets us apart. In the pursuit of stakeholder returns we have been involved in far more litigation than most firms in the Insolvency and Tax arena. The experience gained and the results achieved are proof that what we do, we do well.