Corporate Finance

The advice imparted by professionals should always create value for the client, the difficulty is in constantly achieving this in a business world of so many constantly changing variables.

Raising finance and the form this takes invariably depends on what stage of the debt cycle the business seeking finance is at. Here at CollinsGarcía we are in a position to provide clear and impartial advice on:

  • Debt Raising
  • Equity Investment
  • Hybrid structures and mechanisms
  • Business valuations
  • Business acquisition and disposal
  • Disposing or investing in a distressed business
  • M&A financial and Taxation due diligence

What sets up apart from many of the smaller to mid-range advisory firms in the Irish market is our close links not only with financial institutions but Equity Houses in both Ireland and the UK. The ability to instantly link a Company/entity seeking investment with a decision maker in an institution/ equity house with funds to lend is not a service that everyone in the SME space is able to offer.